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Best Clash Of Clans Tips For Beginners To Start 

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Introduction Of COC:

Clash of Clans (COC) is one of the most popular smartphone games. The Clash of Clans game is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can get this game from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Because of how easy it is to play and how much fun it is, Clash of Clans will hook you and never let go. If you are a beginner and want to know more about Clash of Clans, this article will help you get acquainted with some of the more important buildings in the game.

Different Types of Resources in Clash of Clans

Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, League Medals, and Gems are the five main currencies in the clash of clans game.

Gold is gathered through Gold Mines or looted from defeated players and stored in the Gold Vault. Most commonly, it’s put to work bolstering fortifications, erecting new Walls, and constructing new Elixir Facilities.

Elixir is a resource that may be obtained through the use of Elixir Collectors or by killing other players. Primarily used for Elixir troop recruitment, Laboratory research, and the improvement of Barracks, Army Camps, and Gold Buildings.

If you want some Dark Elixir, you can attack other players or do the Dark Elixir Drill. The use of Dark Elixir will result in an improvement to the stats of your heroes and select soldiers.

League Medals are coveted mementos obtained via participation in Clan War Leagues. Your Clan Leader can enroll you in Clan War Leagues, and if you participate, you will earn League Medals upon completion.

Clash of Clans’ premium currency is called “Gems,” and it may be earned through various means (such as earning achievements or clearing obstacles by cutting down trees) or purchased with real money.

Becoming a Member of a Clash Of Clans

As soon as the Clan Castle has been restored, joining a clan should follow if you want to establish a stronghold from which to launch attacks. When players sign up for a clan, they unlock the opportunity to recruit members of the clan’s army.

Discovers a group willing to accept newcomers to its ranks. At lower levels, though, it can be challenging to join a clan. This is because clan members are entrusted with essential duties, such as supplying troops and ensuring the success of invasions.

What clan a new player joins will have a significant impact on how quickly he can establish a stronghold. It is critical that whichever clan is joined is able to supply elite troops. If you buy clash of clans accounts, you can easily enhance your enthusiastic fans and which makes your clan more popular with potential applicants. 

Clan Games, Clan War, and Clan War League are the three types of Clan-related events you’ll encounter when you join a Clan. To speed up the process of improving your village, you can use the War Starts, League Medals, and Loots you gain from these events.

Tips To Start Your Clash Of Clans

Day 1

A lot of tutorials are available when you first start playing Clash of Clans and will walk you through the basics of the game. The tutorial is helpful, but you don’t need an army of wizards to combat the goblins or speed up development.

Let the building process run its course and the base stock up on its own. In addition, if you station two wizards near the cannon, everything should go off without a hitch. Because of their vulnerability, wizards require a strong supporting cast.

Day 2:

If you don’t win against another player within the first three days of the game, no one will be able to attack your base.

If a player’s base is successfully raided, or if they purchase a new one with gems, the Shield will remain after this period. The Shield’s duration is proportional to the amount of damage dealt during the raid and the number of damaged buildings.

As quickly as feasible, you should update both your Elixir Collectors and your Gold mines, as well as your Gold storage and your Elixir Storage. Finally, you can strengthen your Town Hall’s defenses.

As soon as you reach Town Hall Level 4, your first order of business should be to build air defenses, followed by upgrades to your Mortar, Archer Tower, and Cannon.

Wait seven days before constructing a second supply depot. After then, build as many as you can to fill the available space.

Day 3:

Here are the measures to take:

  • You should construct the Clan Castle and place it in the middle of your town.
  • Strengthen your defenses at the very beginning. Enclose the Town Hall and supply depots with walls.
  • Put important buildings like the Town Hall and supply depots in or near the heart of your stronghold. You can then fortify the area around these buildings with secondary defenses.
  • Increase the wall’s level to at least 2.
  • Arrange your fortifications in layers, erecting walls around individual structures and later around clusters of buildings and setting traps in the areas you believe the enemy will try to enter.
  • Get a mortar and station it in the hidden middle of your base. Take care that all significant structures are included.
  • Set up Archer Towers and Cannons to protect strategic points.
  • Since Archer Towers have such a long range, they are most effective when placed around a base’s periphery.
  • Cannons can’t fire at the sky, so you’ll need to take other measures to keep the enemy’s air force from reaching your ground forces.
  • Until you have reached the maximum defensive level, you should keep upgrading them.
  • Raise the level of your Town Hall to 5.

Winning Strategies Of Clash of Clans:

Once you complete the first 3 days successfully, it’s time to start planning for offensive actions. Your Clash of Clans war strategy needs some work.

In order to advance in the battle and ultimately emerge victorious, you’ll need to acquire elixir, gold, and trophies through on-field attacks on opposing players.

First Clash of Clans Army Training:

The novice player should now focus on assembling a small, manageable army. When building your first Clash of Clans army, barbarians are a solid option. This force will annihilate an unprepared base. Barbarians are level 1 troops that are weak but serviceable. They swarm the opponent, overwhelming any defenses in their path.

Attack The Right Base

Once your barbarian army is ready to march, you must locate a suitable target. Start training soldiers in the barracks after sending out your first army to assault the enemy. When the attack is over, they’ll be prepared. In most cases, attackers will spare players with fewer than 500 trophies. As your wealth grows, the frequency of attacks will increase.

More trophies suggest a more challenging opponent is chosen during the pairing procedure. Try to find a base with poorly placed walls or a Town Hall or mortar out in the open. You should look for a stronghold that has plenty of valuable resources and trophies to help you maintain your recent successes.

Tips For An Initiating Attack:

In order to succeed, inexperienced players need to stick to a basic Attack Strategy. The hostile mortar should be eliminated first. A barbarian can take advantage of a vulnerability in the mortar that it cannot defend against. If you can lead your barbarians to this weak point and destroy the mortar, they can easily wipe out the rest of the defenders.

After putting down a unit, you’ll lose all influence over its movements. Thus, positioning them near the intended victim. Each unit has a preferred target but will usually strike at the closest opponent unit if none is in range. The deployment location is crucial. If you drop your archers too close to a building, they will assault that structure instead of the one you specified. No units return after a war has ended. Therefore preparation for the next one is essential.


Clash of clans is a most popular online strategy game in which players can build a strong community. In this article, we covered the ground that new players need to know in their first few days. Also, more about the advantages of joining a clan and the activities of clans. If you use these best strategies properly, you can win more attention in your clan account.

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